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Improved Classic Seat Installation Kit

Released on Nov 1, 2017

With the Mk4 Roadster, the seat belt anchor tabs were moved to a position that obscured access to this kit's rear mounting nuts with the seat installed. Inconvenient installation became impossible installation, until Mike Everson at developed a way around that problem that is incorporated into this version. In this version threaded inserts have been added to the bracket so the seat can be fastened to the bracket from above with the seat base pad flipped forward. This is in contrast to the prior version where the bracket was attached from below with screws and tapped holes in the seat frame. With the seat removed from the bracket there is clear access to the plate studs. The nuts can be easily removed, the bracket repositioned and the nuts reinstalled.
While making the above changes we also decided to address another issue with the FFR seats, which is the lack of a support for the seat base cushion. We now include a tempered hardboard support to bridge the gaps between the seat crossbars and extends support to the front of the seat base cushion.
This kit provides a secure adjustable mounting system that keeps the seat as low as possible. It also reclines the seat about 7 degrees to provide a bit more thigh support for most drivers. For a comfortable and professional seat installation order Breeze #70602 today!

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